Vampire Orienteering

North SeaTac Park, SeaTac, WA
Saturday, October 30, 2010
Result Status: 

Meet Director: Eric Bone
Course: Nikolay Nachev
Set-up / take-down: Dave Tallent, Evan Kraabel, Rick Breseman, Eileen Breseman, Karl Rouillard,
           Dusanka Poljak, Nikolay Nachev, Patrick Nuss
Registration: Karl Rouillard, Rick Breseman, Eileen Breseman
Sound: Mike Schuh
Start: Karl Rouillard, Dan Weisz
Finish: Dan Weisz, Dusanka Poljak, Nikolay Nachev, Rick Breseman, Eileen Breseman,
           Karl Rouillard, Evan Kraabel
Beginner Instruction: Patrick Nuss, Rick Breseman, Mike Schuh
Marker Pickup: Jerry Allmaras, Justin Allmaras, Tiff Koehn, Dusanka Poljak, Nikolay Nachev

A break in the rain meant good orienteering conditions for the 106 people who came out for this annual fun event.  Visiting Orienteering USA Team member Ali Crocker had the top result, just ahead of perennial Vampire-O pro, Rick Breseman and Lakeside High School orienteering team member, Nat Mayer.  The "if-only" prize goes to the Rogers Vampire Clan, who bit their way into a loaded punch card then walked right by control #8 to an early finish, not noticing that this was the one punch missing from their card!  In a funny twist of probability, no team ended up with a score of 22...but somehow people had lots of spooky fun, anyway!

Place  Time in    Name(s)

  24 controls
 1. 8:12:46  Ali Crocker
 2. 8:14:08  Rick Breseman
 3. 8:14:12  Nat Mayer
 4. 8:17:24  The Ninjas (Matthew Rogers and Sarah Rogers)
 5. 8:23:57  Patrick Nuss
  23 controls
 6. 8:07:30  Rogers Vampire Clan (Cheryl, David, Kevin, and Glenn Rogers)
 7. 8:20:15  Laurie Beck and Robert Beck
 8. 8:21:30  Barry Teschlog and Susan Anderson
 9. 8:22:16  Darren Luk, Jody Luk, and Sarah Kim
10. 8:24:35  Alec Glassford
11. 8:25:13  Dana and Eileen Breseman
12. 8:25:30  Bob Forgrave
  21 controls
13. 8:14:02  Jan Urban
14. 8:25:00  Tiff Koehn
15. 8:25:13  Debbie Newell
16. 8:27:15  Mike Schuh
  20 controls
17. 8:14:30  Jenny Pearson and Justin Robertson
18. 8:19:07  Bradley Davis and Robert Davis
19. 8:24:00  Karl Rouillard
  19 controls
20. 8:13:08  Jason Brandt
21. 8:13:31  Debbie Lo, Emmelie Pearson, Malcolm Pearson, and Sabrina Pearson
22. 8:25:03  Jerry Allmaras and Justin Allmaras
23. 8:25:15  Frank Paterra
24. 8:31:00  Chinmay Nirkhe
  18 controls
25. 8:21:50  Ann Bryan, Chris Milstead, and Sam Bryan
  17 controls
26. 8:21:10  Troop 319 (Gonzoko Geronimo, Jose Geronimo, and William Herford)
27. 8:24:35  Ann Paustian, James Paustian, and Rebecca Paustian
28. 8:25:39  David Tallent
29. 8:33:00  Alex Lopez, Carter Mackley, and Connor Elder
  16 controls
30. 8:22:56  Ben Roberts and Cole Benton
31. 8:28:00  Andrew Whipple
  15 controls
32. 8:22:00  Arjun Cook, Ben Cook, and Eli Mackey
33. 8:23:19  David Inglis
34. 8:30:00  Brittney Atterbury and Lindsey Atterbury
  14 controls
35. 8:21:34  Brian Alexander and Debbie Watson
  13 controls
36. 8:20:55  Caroline Rouse and Richard Staudt
37. 8:25:04  John Ratliff, Macy Ratliff, Rolf Kuestner, and Sue Kuestner
  12 controls
38. 8:15:10  Emily Moore
39. 8:25:02  Aaron Amort and Tony Amort
  11 controls
40. 8:18:07  Healey Koch, Mason Koch, and Reed Koch
41. 8:18:10  Dave Brede and Violet Brede
42. 8:25:01  Jessica Post and Laura Rogers
43. 8:29:00  Eleanor Pachaud and Mary Beth
  10 controls
44. 8:22:27  Rebecca Jensen
45. 8:32:00  Chase Miller and Kunitake Aoki
  9 controls
46. 8:15:43  John St. Laurent
  8 controls
47. 8:38:00  Evan Kraabel
  5 controls
48. 7:45:57  Don Willits
49. 8:32:30  Troop 319 2 (Dan McGowan and Tim McGowan)
    VAMPIRE  Kathy Forgrave and Malena Niece
    VAMPIRE  AJ Kleinosowski and Kevin Kleinosowski
    VAMPIRE  Anna Urbanova and Jana Dvorak
    VAMPIRE  Angela DiLorenzo and Alexander, George, and Thera Doukas

Please contact the event director about any issues with the results.  A few people who we know participated don't appear in the results--spooky!  (But maybe they just joined one of the listed teams or forgot to turn in their punch cards.  HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAA!)